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Which cosmetic treatments do you offer?

We offer many cosmetic dental treatments! From bonding to teeth whitening, we can help you create the perfect smile you've always dreamed about. 


Your dentist uses a white resin material that bonds with your natural tooth structure. Bonding can be done to help close gaps, to make teeth more uniform by changing the shape or length, or fixing chipped or broken areas. 


We offer a few choices for whitening your teeth. The first is professional strength whitening strips that you use at home. These come pre-packaged in a set of ten for your upper and lower teeth. The strips adhere to your teeth and the whitening gel clings to your teeth until you remove the strips. They are easy to apply and wear and you can speak normally when you wear them.

We also offer whitening trays and gel to use at home. To start, you will come in for an impression and we use this impression to create a custom whitening tray for you. At home, you will apply a small amount of the professional strength whitening gel to the inside of your teeth tray and wear for the instructed amount of time. The whitening gel is stronger than the gel that comes on the take-home strips, and the trays can be used over and over again so you're free to do touch-ups over time. The tubes of gel you use inside of the trays will last for several applications and are very affordable to purchase when you need refills.

The last whitening option we offer is Zoom Whitening by Philips. Zoom is the in-office whitening option that uses whitening gel that is activated by an LED light applied to the gel while it is on your teeth. The entire whitening session takes about two hours. You will be given a take-home touch-up whitening kit to take with you as well.


Veneers are a way to change the shade or shape of your teeth without damaging too much of the natural tooth structure. A veneer is a thin piece of porcelain or resin that is cemented to the front of your natural tooth. 

Dental Crowns:

Crowns can be used to treat tooth decay, but can also be used as a cosmetic service. The natural tooth is reduced and a crown is placed over the entire existing natural tooth. We are proud to offer CEREC same-day crowns at Orono Dental Care. A simple digital impression is taken, then sit back and relax and receive your custom-made crown at the same visit. 

Dental Implants:

Missing teeth can be unsightly, and can also cause problems with your bite and your ability to chew. Dental implants are the best option to replace most missing teeth. A dental implant does not interfere with any neighboring teeth, and helps to maintain bone levels in the area where the natural tooth was missing. Keeping healthy bone level is crucial for keeping the rest of your teeth healthy. The finished dental implant looks like and functions like a natural tooth.


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