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Wrangling a Wiggly Toddler for Tooth Brushing

June 9, 2021
Posted By: Orono Dental Care

Toothbrushing a Wiggly Toddler


Many parents complain of the struggle that comes with brushing a toddler's teeth. We agree that it can be a challenge but this a battle that is critical for you to fight. Your child’s oral health depends on you! 


One tip for brushing a squirmy toddler's teeth is to brush while they lay down. This could be on the floor, couch, or changing table. If possible, it is much easier with two adults - one to brush and one to distract with fun toys, songs, etc. 


Another thing to know is that it is ok if the actual brushing yields a few tears. Please brush their teeth anyways! (Also, it is a whole lot easier to see what you are doing when they cry than when they clamp their mouth shut!) 


Make the parts immediately before and after brushing fun. If they have a stuffed animal or toy they like a lot, let them hold It for brushing. This also might be a time when 15 seconds of screen time are helpful to distract your unruly tot. Sing songs - there are several toothbrushing songs on YouTube that make it a more fun time for everyone. When you are finished, clap and cheer. Your child will feed into that energy too and will quickly forget they were upset. 


Aim for 1 good toothbrushing before bedtime. As more teeth erupt, add in a morning toothbrushing session also. If you are conscientious over your child's diet, one excellent toothbrushing session per day (and maybe one morning quick swipe) will be sufficient for most people. 

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