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A Great Dentist
  • “I can't say enough positive things about the Excellent care I received. I had an Emergency tooth problem, front tooth broke off. Dr. Skramstad was able to make me a crown there and then using CEREC . AMAZING service and ability to fix a problem tooth. He is an expert!! You will Not find a better DDS anywhere. Period!! Thanks again.”

    - Gwen K.
  • “Dr. Berg and his arsenal of machines are able to measure and duplicate a replacement tooth in one sitting. He is good at telling you what you need and all the options and , at least in my case, causing no pain whatsoever.”

    - Lorin D.
  • “Went expecting one filling and left with two thanks to an observant assistant. Appreciate ability to accommodate my needs in a single visit. Everyone is very pleasant and there was great collaboration between dentist and assistant - highly skilled and proficient at what they do. Use of newer tools and technology minimized the angst of a somewhat dreaded experience. Overall pleased with experience and dental work.”

    - Sandy P.
  • “I called about a chipped tooth and they fitted me in the same day. As always the results were high quality, professional, and friendly. I wound recommend them to anyone for all your dental needs.”

    - Alan O.
  • “Dr. Skramstad was able to fit me in on short notice to repair my chipped tooth. He was also able to get me in and out within 30 minutes from start to finish. I and very pleased with the results. It looks and feels great! He is one of the best!”

    - Mel C.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile gives you greater confidence, self-esteem, and pride in your appearance. By improving your smile, you are investing in yourself – your first impressions and the ability to express yourself fully. Cosmetic dentistry is more natural looking, more affordable, and easier than ever. 

At Orono Dental Care, our dentists expertly design and create beautiful smiles for our patients.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Bleaching away stains from your teeth is a quick, affordable way to improve the appearance of your smile. We offer professional teeth whitening with a variety of options to achieve your whitest smile.

When making changes to your smile, having choices is important! 

Take-home non-custom teeth whitening – For patients planning to have restorative work but want a whiter smile, this is an affordable option to get the best results. Whitening trays along with professional-strength whitening gel are an easy way to improve your teeth by several shades.

Custom take-home teeth whitening – We create custom whitening trays to keep the gel on your teeth where it belongs. Custom trays give you great results all in the comfort of your own home.


Professional in-office teeth whitening – When you want instant results for a special occasion such as a class reunion, vacation, or wedding, we offer in-office teeth whitening for instant results with one office visit! We place powerful whitening gel on your teeth, while protecting your gums, and allow the whitening process to complete. We can repeat this process several times in one office visit so you leave with a much brighter smile the same day.

Porcelain Crowns and Veneers

All dentistry can be a work of art. Your restorations should complement your smile, not take away from it! Our dentists take great pride in producing durable, esthetic restorations that improve your health and appearance.

Dental crowns – Your dental crown should match your existing teeth. Not only do we provide world-class quality restorations, but we can do it in one office visit with the use of CEREC technology.

Porcelain veneers – If you want to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile, porcelain veneers allow us to correct a number of cosmetic dental concerns all at once.

Veneers are thin, porcelain shells that cover the front of your teeth. They can improve your appearance by eliminating cosmetic conditions such as misalignment, misshapen teeth, worn teeth, and discoloration. We can use them alone or in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments such as dental implants, porcelain crowns, and teeth whitening to give you a whole new look!

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