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What are the different ways I can replace missing teeth?

Missing teeth can cause problems with your health and appearance. When you have missing teeth, you may be limited in the foods you can eat, suffer from shifting teeth, and feel self-conscious about your smile. At Orono Dental Care, we offer a number of solutions to restore your appearance and your bite.

Fixed dental bridge – A pair of specialized dental crowns suspend an artificial tooth to fill the gap in your smile. The artificial tooth acts as a placeholder, but does not protect against bone loss associated with tooth loss.

Partial denture – When you have multiple missing teeth and want to replace a number of them, but cannot have or do not want dental implants, partial dentures offer a reliable alternative. We match your partial denture to your natural teeth so your smile appears seamless.

Complete dentures – We use complete dentures to replace all of your teeth on your upper or lower arch.

Dental implants – Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth and retain valuable bone, function, and the integrity of your bite. Dental implants can work individually to replace one or more missing teeth and can also work with dentures to provide extra support and stability.

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