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Do you offer discounts for patients without dental insurance?

Dental insurance can be expensive and may not provide as much coverage as you expected! It has not stayed current with today’s dental needs and fees, rarely providing 100% coverage at the level of quality that you expect. Yearly maximums can be limiting if you expect your insurance to cover all of the treatment you need or want. 

Oftentimes, insurance providers impose waiting periods and limitations that are not appealing and dictate treatment such as amalgam fillings instead of composite or place limitations on how often you receive restorations – even if you need them!

Some of our patients do not have access to dental insurance through their employers or have opted to work with us on our guaranteed savings plan instead because it offers greater flexibility and freedom in the treatment you choose. After all, your dentistry is a decision that should be made between you and your dentist!

We offer an in-office dental savings plan for patients without insurance. Upon enrollment to our office Save & Smile discount plan patients receive two regular hygiene visits at no cost and then 15% courtesy on other dental treatment. (See plan for details and limitations.)

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