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A Great Dentist
  • “I can't say enough positive things about the Excellent care I received. I had an Emergency tooth problem, front tooth broke off. Dr. Skramstad was able to make me a crown there and then using CEREC . AMAZING service and ability to fix a problem tooth. He is an expert!! You will Not find a better DDS anywhere. Period!! Thanks again.”

    - Gwen K.
  • “Dr. Berg and his arsenal of machines are able to measure and duplicate a replacement tooth in one sitting. He is good at telling you what you need and all the options and , at least in my case, causing no pain whatsoever.”

    - Lorin D.
  • “Went expecting one filling and left with two thanks to an observant assistant. Appreciate ability to accommodate my needs in a single visit. Everyone is very pleasant and there was great collaboration between dentist and assistant - highly skilled and proficient at what they do. Use of newer tools and technology minimized the angst of a somewhat dreaded experience. Overall pleased with experience and dental work.”

    - Sandy P.
  • “I called about a chipped tooth and they fitted me in the same day. As always the results were high quality, professional, and friendly. I wound recommend them to anyone for all your dental needs.”

    - Alan O.
  • “Dr. Skramstad was able to fit me in on short notice to repair my chipped tooth. He was also able to get me in and out within 30 minutes from start to finish. I and very pleased with the results. It looks and feels great! He is one of the best!”

    - Mel C.

Comprehensive Family Dentistry

Our dentists at Orono Dental Care create a solid foundation in prevention so that our patients may enjoy improved oral health, a confident smile, and comfortable function for a lifetime! 

Comprehensive Dental Exams

Complete dental exams that evaluate your teeth, gums, bite, and function help us identify any problems as early as possible – when dental conditions are easiest to treat. By maintaining your regular dental exams, you can reduce the likelihood of tooth loss, periodontal (gum) disease, or unexpected dental emergencies.

Our comprehensive approach uses digital imaging, high-definition x-rays, and a diagnostic exam by one of our experienced dentists.

Professional Dental Cleanings

No two dental cleanings, like no two patients, are exactly alike. Each patient has different needs, and we customize our dental cleanings to meet those needs throughout your life. Hormonal changes, health changes, medications, and even pregnancy can all affect your periodontal health. By having regular dental cleanings and exams, we closely monitor those changes and rise to meet your oral health challenges so you can enjoy a comfortable, healthy smile.

No matter what type of dental cleaning you require, our dental hygienists will work gently and effectively to give you a clean, healthy smile.

Routine dental cleaning (prophylaxis) – A prophy includes removing any surface tartar and stains from the surfaces of your teeth above your gum line. Each dental cleaning is finished with a complete polish to give you a smooth, fresh feeling.

Mid-level dental cleaning – A mid-level dental cleaning is designed for our patients who have some catching up to do. We know that patients stay away from the dentist for a number of reasons – time, financial stress, and fear are just a few. We are here to help you get back on track! Our mid-level dental cleaning will remove tartar from your teeth above and below the gum line and restore your oral health.

Periodontal dental cleanings – For some patients, lack of care can lead to gum disease. Since gum disease is a serious threat to your overall health, we work diligently to restore your health. Our hygienists will spend extra time to remove all tartar, bacteria, and infection from above and below your gum line in order to promote healing. We will schedule necessary follow-up visits to help you maintain good oral health.

Durable and Esthetic Fillings

Most patients will have the need for at least one filling during their lifetimes, and we make even the most routine restorations a work of functional art. Using composite material, we match your fillings to your biological tooth color so that your dental fillings are seamless and blend naturally with your smile.

Composite material allows for conservative restorations, only requiring the removal of diseased or damaged tooth structure to be effective and long lasting.

Knowledge Is Power

Our dentists and hygienists are a wealth of knowledge and provide our cherished patients with the power they need to take control of their oral health with effective home care routines and preventive dentistry in our Orono, MN dental office. We spend quality time with our patients, arming them with the knowledge they need to lead healthy lives with beautiful, confident smiles.

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