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Do you really need to floss?

Flossing is an important part of your daily oral hygiene regimen.

The short answer is YES

Despite the recent news stories that said flossing wasn't necessary, there are many reasons why flossing is an essential part of your daily oral hygiene regimen.


Eating and drinking sugary foods causes a buildup of plaque on all surfaces of your teeth - including between them. By only brushing, you are missing out on cleaning 40% of your tooth's surface area. YIKES! There are two major impacts all of that plaque has on your mouth. 

1) Plaque can harden over time when minerals from your saliva interact with it. Hardened plaque, or calculus, are irritating to the gums and bone and can cause issues like bad breath, bleeding/puffy ...

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Cavities, Be Gone! The Secret to Keeping the “Sugar Bugs” Away

How to get a cavity free smile:

My #1 recommendation is to avoid rinsing your mouth after toothbrushing. Gasp! I know this comes as a surprise to many, since culturally we have all been raised to believe this is bad and our mouths don’t feel clean unless rinsed. However, there is research to suggest that following a “Spit, Don’t Rinse” regimen can make a big difference in cavity prevention.

“Spit, don’t rinse” is especially important if you are using prescription toothpaste or toothpaste for sensitivity. If you rinse them off right away, there’s not enough time of exposure to achieve any measurable effect.

Other tips to decrease cavity risk:

  • Floss daily. I know people ...

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